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Professional bespoke fibreglass moulding and parts

Originally formed to offer bespoke fibreglass model parts, Ace Fibreglass Ltd remain as specialists in fibreglass to this day. Our knowledge of different manufacturing techniques will make sure that whatever your needs are, we will be able to satisfy them. From water tanks to decorative caravan panels and everything in between, let us give you what you've been looking for.

If you need anything repairing you can bring it to us where we will conduct the repairs in our own workshop, or we can come out to you with our on-site team. So from fibreglass repairs on your motor home or fibreglass roofing for your house, with Ace Fibreglass Ltd you can't go wrong.

Our experience in bespoke fibreglass production is vast:

  • Water tank components
  • Decorative caravan panels
  • Safety seats for coach building
  • Motor home repairs
  • Model cars, railways, helicopters
  • Boat hulls
  • Complex mouldings for Cambridge University
  • Farm tanker repairs

We work in many different types of fibreglass including:

  • Chopped strand fibreglass
  • Woven fabric fibreglass
  • Surface tissues
  • Expoxy resin
  • Polyester resin
  • Yinyl Ester resin


Ace Fibreglass ltd, fibreglass and moulding

Our interest and dedication to our business has led us to supplying and distributing the raw materials for fibreglass manufacture as well. If you want to apply the fibreglass yourself, with Ace Fibreglass Ltd you can get helpful advice, materials and training.

So for all your fibreglass moulding needs call Ace Fibreglass Ltd now on 01935 816 437